Bradley Sudol currently serves as a professional electrician based in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. He is certified as a master electrician who can do low-voltage wiring and he is also certified as a master electrician. To show that he takes safety seriously, he is also certified by OSHA and he is also certified to work on fire alarms. Brad Sudol also trained to be certified with NCCER for both electrical and carpentry, which he has held for nearly a decade. He’s quite accomplished in his main career.

However, he is also quite highly skilled, as a baseball blogger. If asked, Brad Sudol will tell everyone that the Philadelphia Phillies have been one of the most successful teams in the league in the modern era. They have won 11 division titles since the dawn of the divisional baseball era in 1969. that places them fourth of the 15 teams in the National League and sixth among the 30 teams in all of Major League Baseball. In fact, they have been very successful so far in the 21st Century, having won five consecutive divisional titles, including their World Series win over the Tampa Bay Rays.

Based in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, the Phillies are the oldest continuously operated sports franchise in the country – at least the only one that has operated in the same city and under the same name. even the vaunted Yankees actually started off as the Knickerbockers. The Phillies were established in 1883 as a member of the National League in Major League Baseball and they have been there ever since. Brad Sudol wants everyone to know that the Philadelphia Phillies have a full, rich history. Over the years, the team has won two World Series championships; one in 1980 and another in 2008.